A little of this, a little of that.

I’ve been doing some various things these last couple of days. Mostly it’s been all about putting everything together and making the scene work. I’ve made some simple particle dust, textured some objects.. retextured some objects. Mari really makes the whole texturing process quick and efficient so if I need to make any changes it takes almost no time at all.

I made some smaller rocks that can be placed wherever in the scene. I’ve also tried out paint effects for grass which I think could work out with some tweaking.

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2 thoughts on “A little of this, a little of that.

  1. Neato! We like them pillars. I was thinking some colour would be neat-o-er, though; they’re a bit drab. Stone being what it is, I guess one can’t expect too much, but I think Ludvig posted some arches earlier, with some faint colour in there. Perhaps the leaves having some green paint on them, or whatnot. Well, just a thought.

  2. That’s a good point, Stefan! Right now the textures are really basic, because I wanted to rough them out for the scene. I totally agree that they could use some color. Thank you for always giving good advice, especially pillar related ones.

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