Started to with the rigging yesterday, I decided to start with the lantern, the chain in the lantern is driven by a hair system and a IK spline. I put the joints in the at the pivot where each link would rotate and then skinned one link to its own joint. Here is a picture to illustrate.

And a little clip to show you the staff in action:

I plan on incorporating alot of dynamic secondary movement in the rigg to give it more life, and hopefully speed ut the process of making an animation that looks and feels “real”. I will include controls to animate everything by hand if need be though.
I’ll starting on the wings today, they will be driven the same way that the link chain is, one hairsystem for all the feathers, the tip will be dynamic and the rest will be joint driven. I’ll probably throw in some driven keys for fanning and such and be done hopefully by the end of today.
Yesterday I started to retopologize the last pieces and the body was first, I also plan on doing more sculpting after I’m done with the rig. I embeded a picture of the topology and where it’s at the moment, I tried to have an edge flow that could maintain the volume of the bones and larger muscle groups, hopefully that will give some good deformations.

And a small progress picture of the current model, I’ve sculpted the smaller folds and hopefully nCloth will do the rest, the folds are in seperate layers so if it looks strange with the dynamics I can always dial the folds down:



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2 thoughts on “Rigging

  1. Hi!
    Topo looking pretty good as far as i can see. Only there seems to be some issues with the shoulder/ clavicle area. I’m a big fan of having the chest loops continuing wrapping around the deltoid. Right now things are looking tad bit cluttered. Also the area just under the ribcage would probably benefit from having a more fluent layout.

    I took the liberty of doing a really, really quick paint over:

    Otherwise, this is a great reference:

  2. I agree with you, might have gotten abit carried away with the topo. I will make it a little more simple and definitely use the references you posted, thanks! And thanks for the paintover too, really helps out.

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