Color maps.

I’ve spent today and most of yesterday painting textures. These diffuse maps are made in Mari, a ridiculously capable acquaintance (free 15 day trial from the Foundry: It’s been fun to get to know some of the quirks of that application, and I am currently very much in love with it. The channels/masks/shaders way of doing things is very different from Photoshop, but not necessarily in a bad way. I find that the more I learn, the more I can emulate what I would do in Photoshop. Working in Mari feels efficient and satisfying, because I can see right away what I’m doing to the model I’m working on.

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3 thoughts on “Color maps.

  1. Hi there!

    Things are coming along nicely i see. I really do like both the modeling and the texturing and i really think for what you’re trying to achieve it’s going to play out nicely. Mari is as you pointed out an interesting acquaintance indeed. You can try painting a subtle bump on the broken pillar and use it as a displacement, that could help taking it the last inches towards realism. Just be careful about the rendertimes since I assume you’re using mental ray. Those displacements tend to get quite expensive, in that case a normal map might do the trick.
    Maybe trying out a zbrush cavity map as a start for a specmap might help with the renders aswell. Mari is a nice application for spec and reflection maps as you’re actually able to get to get some half decent previews. You can try matching up the level of spec roughness to the level of grey you’ve been using in the mentalray shader for test renders to get a correct starting position in Mari. Then just play around to get some rougher crevices and so forth.

    But very nicely done so far!

  2. Sure does look nice. If anything, though, I’m thinking you might be overdoing it – especially the pillar to the left is pretty, well, blotchy. Sure, under certain circumstances it can be. It feels like it is in some pretty dank place now. Which may or may not be what you’re going for. Just sayin’, more is more.

  3. Thanks guys! Stefan: I think I see what you mean with the textures. I’m gonna go back in and sort out some of the blotchiness, try to make the material more uniform! Danne: yep, it’s mental ray, so I’m not sure how much displacement we’ll be able to realistically do for the environment without it eating too much render time. I’ll see what I can do, maybe just adding some more normal map details will do the trick. As for spec/reflection maps, I’ve been playing around a little with those, and Mari truly is great for that. Nothing final so far, but starting off with a cavity map might be the way to go.

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