Displacement maps and coffee

That’s what this day has been all about. I have been trying to get my floor models out from Zbrush and in to our scene. This time I uv-mapped my lowpolys before sculpting the details. Since the floor is made from several objects, the displacement maps all had different grey values when I baked them in Zbrush due to their relative size in the scene. This was easy to fix with levels in Photoshop, though.

On the parts that I had used clipping brushes I had to use xNormal for the normal map since the ones I got from Zbrush gave me a lot of artifacts. But finally all the parts are on the same texture map, they all have displacement maps and normal maps, the entire lowpoly is 1264 faces and all is swell.

Our first idea was to have a worn mosaic floor, similar to the byzantine ones we have in our moodboard. But we decided that it just might look to busy and we ended up going for a simpler look.

This is how much of the floor that will be visible in the scene. Actually, it’s probably less than that.

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1 thought on “Displacement maps and coffee

  1. Hey, late reply here, but I was just thinking of you displacement value problem in Zbrush. This should not occur if you set things up correctly.

    Assuming you’re using the multimap exporter you should make sure you’re using a Mid value of 0.5 get both Adaptive and Smooth Uv’s. Make sure Scale is set to 1 and Intensity 0. Use 16 bit scale but do not use the “Get Scale Button” what it will do is set the white/black range in your displacementmap according to the max amount of displacement in your scene. If you happen to get the scale with a subtool selected where the maximum amount of displacement is less then that of another subtools maximum clipping is going to occur.

    Baking all the subtools at once having them all visible in your scene while making sure both “SubTools” and “Merge Maps” is activated in the plugin should ensure you get a map with a uniform, well balanced displacements.

    If you’re still having errors I could take a look at your scene file. Maybe it wont be necessary since you seem to have found an alternate solution, but it’s always nice to make stuff a bit easier.

    Waiting eagerly for some further updates, assuming a kick ass end result!

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