Character update

So here is an small update on the character, I’ve been modeling alot these weeks. Gave the character a brand new pair of wings and designed some of the accessories on him. The only items left to do is the actual skin on the character and the cloth. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be done and start rigging.
I plan on adding smaller details later to really push the realism, such as smaller feathers on the wings and some wrapping on his body, alot will come later when i start to rigg and texture the character, there will be alot of bouncing back and forth between the two. I’ve been regularly inserting the character into the scene to see where I need to add more detail and where it might not be as necessary.

Here is a picture of the current model:


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1 thought on “Character update

  1. Lookin’ neat, and I’m looking forward to seeing it complete with tiny feathers and all. I’m a bit curious about his upper head, though. It’s such a prominent, non-organic-feeling feature – with the horns and all describing this big, flat-ish surface. I think it looks a bit odd – perhaps push the horns back a bit, to conform to the same plane as the brow; or perhaps add some kind of details – ridges, inscriptions, what-have-you-s.

    I haven’t seen any references for the character, by the way. I’m sure you have them, and it’d be interesting to see, now that you’re approaching texturing and finishing on it.

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