Early lighting.

Since we’ve got most of the models up and running and looking presentable on their own, I took some time today to try and assemble everything and get some initial lighting in the scene, just to get a better idea of how the environment fits together. This is what I came up with after messing around a couple of hours. This is at the earliest possible stage, but I like some things about it, mostly the way the light from the lantern and the yellowish light from above work together with the character. I mainly focused on the character and the foreground, but there’s something about the general distribution of light and dark areas which kind of appeals to me, although of course there shouldn’t be nearly as much absolute black as there is at the moment. Also, light directions and colors need to be a lot more “explained” and more recognizable as sunlight or reflected light or whatever they happen to be. As a sketch, though, I think it looks pretty cool.

Lighting sketch.

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2 thoughts on “Early lighting.

  1. Looking pretty neat, though it’d be good to throw in some ambient(ish) light, so we can see how the rest of the scene works out without the pitch blacks. Do you have references for the lighting/what kind of mood you’re going for? It might help to plan the lighting – or rather, composition – with some quick 2D-paintovers. I find it ,akes it easier to see the image as a 2D composition – which you want to have control over – rather than lighted 3D elements in an already-set 3D scene.

    I find the composition a bit hard to figure out. The brightly-lit broken-off pillar in the centre kind of cuts the image in half, to me. You’re going to add in Micke in front of it, right? If I remember it correctly from your previz, he’s pretty small – smaller than that broken-off pillar, even – and it feels like the pillars are really, really big. (Nothing wrong with that, but they seem a bit like small pillars scaled up. Though by adding in more, smaller rubble, to define the scale of details, it will probably not be something noticeable.)

    It also seems a bit odd that the pillars to the left are so far down – but perhaps the topology of the floor will be clarified with some more light in there. In sum: more light!

    Also, post more!

  2. (Of course, you already said that – needing a bit more light. But having a subtle ambient light around while you’re working out the lighting (to account for, well, bounce lights and whatnot) might help you see where things are heading better, rather than starting from absolute black.)

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