Alot of references…

Ok so here goes my first post…

After getting my Proposal fairly approved, I’ve mainly been searching for referencesĀ  as well as doing some small research in UDK. The critique I received from the mentors where that It would not be wise to focus on two characters, as this will double the work. My solution to this is to keep the detail level down in the modelling, focusing more on the design than the modelling of the characters and picking a simpler art direction, then, for example, Gears of War.

I’ve chosen the Rpg “Blue dragon” as a reference for the lowest amount of details and overall quality that I aim for:

I’ve settled with a Street fashion-ish look for the art direction, highly inspired by artist Jamie Hewlett, the artist behind the virutal band Gorillaz and the Tank girl comic . The Characters will be more Simplistic than Realistic but not the point of resembling monkeys.

For the environment I have a clear vision which resembles the pictures below quite well. I will go for a moody atmosphere and an urban feel. The scene takes placeĀ  in front of an empty ploughed street, consisting of a single bus shelter and a single street lamp along with the two characters, hopelessly waiting for the bus to show up.

And that is all I have for now…
Over and out!

Jamie Hewlett

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