Retopo and UV layouts

After I managed to retop the female character in topogun and baked the maps flawlessly in Xnormal I tested it with a standard material in UDK. I was not entirely pleased with the result as it did not come out as crisp and detailed as I wanted. Clearly a texture map of 2048 is not high enough for the entire character, so while I was retopologizing and Uvmapping the male character, I decided for them to share a “Head hat and Hand” texture map of 2048×2048, since they will be the most vital parts of the character… The hair and small misc details will also share a single alpha map, of 512×512. I’ve added the Uv’s in a large picture below…

As for the topology: I used topogun for the first time, but as I am working on a computer with Windows Xp it didn’t run as smoothly as it would on windows 7… The characters landed on roughly 7600 tris each, setting aside the hair and the eyes, which is close to my goal of 8k tris.

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