The Project is about to come to an end and this is what the final result looks like:

Click here to watch!

I will create turntables and breakdowns for both of the characters until the gradshow

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Matinee and Vertexpainting

This week I’ve managed to build a material for the ground with a working vertex painting function, so I managed to get the effect of snow falling into the gaps of the cobblestone. Here is a tutorial:

I’ve also been looking at kismet and matinee and managed to animate a camera, add sound, animate the lighting and most importantly got the animation setup of the characters to work.

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Environment and material tests

The last week I’ve been learning how to set up material s in UDK’s material editor. The models for the Environment is almost done, AO maps are done and I’ve started with the colormaps.

I’ve also been looking at vertex blending and I will  attempt to use that effect on the cobblestone of the side walk and add dirt to the snowbank.

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Retopo and UV layouts

After I managed to retop the female character in topogun and baked the maps flawlessly in Xnormal I tested it with a standard material in UDK. I was not entirely pleased with the result as it did not come out as crisp and detailed as I wanted. Clearly a texture map of 2048 is not high enough for the entire character, so while I was retopologizing and Uvmapping the male character, I decided for them to share a “Head hat and Hand” texture map of 2048×2048, since they will be the most vital parts of the character… The hair and small misc details will also share a single alpha map, of 512×512. I’ve added the Uv’s in a large picture below…

As for the topology: I used topogun for the first time, but as I am working on a computer with Windows Xp it didn’t run as smoothly as it would on windows 7… The characters landed on roughly 7600 tris each, setting aside the hair and the eyes, which is close to my goal of 8k tris.

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More sculpting results

I’ve finished the sculpting of the female character! Now I will begin with the Retopologizing in either Zbrush or Topogun depending on which works better for my meshes… I will do a quick test in both programs tomorrow!

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Have just finished the previz of the environment. A total of 1650 Tris.
I added the female character in a simple pose and added the lighting to show of what kind of mood I’m aiming for…  I think I’ve gotten quite close to my original idea! 🙂

I’ve also made a quick test in maya on how to make proper looking alpha hair. I’ve been looking on games like Tekken and Final Fantasy X and XIII
I found a great thread regarding this subject here: LINK

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The Female character

I’ve just started with the sculpting of the female character. she will mainly be inspired by the girls in the streets of Harajuku.

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More progress…

Almost finished with the high poly sculpting of the male character… next I will focus on the girl and make a quick previz of the scene!

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Week 3

This week I’ve been busy studying the shader network in Unreal. I’ve managed to do a simple skin material with a fresnel rimlight and attached normal map. I’ve also stumbled across a skin material on the internet and it look really sweet! LINK

Here are some of my prototypes. the head to the left is a old project that I used to figure out how to use Alpha masks. Still I need to find out how to control the strength of the alpha.

I’ve also begun with the concept of the female character and almost finished modeling all of the parts for the basemesh for the male character and started with the high poly sculpting in Z-brush.

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R n D and some concepting…

So far I’ve KIND OF established the concept for the male character… some tweaking will  probably be done here and there but I will begin working on the girl before I finish this one…

I’ve also  been testing out different rigs, and the pipeline of UDK. I’ve managed to import my own character to The engine using the maya plugin ActorX and learned how to name the skeleton correctly and getting the engine’s animations to work without any weird deformations…

Recently I’ve been having problems with maya’s new interactive skinning tool which keeps messing up the skinning when I re-open mayafile. It’s extremely annoying… I will attempt to solve this problem some how…

Here are a short video of my prototype character with some of UDK’s animations:
UDK animation tests

and that is all for now…

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