Reflections before the delivery

I’ve been working overtime the last week to get as mush as possible finished before the delivery. Texturing, lighting and making corrective tweaks to the models to better get them to mesh has been very time consuming. I underestimated the amount of time it took just to place the meshes and build the scene inside the game engine.
When I first started this project, my goal was three buildings, a crashsite, canal with bridge and some clutter in the courtyard. It sounded quite reasonable back then. It has resulted in over 80 unique meshes and that number would’ve been larger had this been a real company and game project. Time have meant that some of those meshes will not be in the scene as it is simply impossible for me alone to create textures and shading maps for so many objects. The three buildings, crash site and canal are still there, they’ll just not be as interesting to look at as I first imagined.
Looking back, this project would’ve been more optimal for two team members. Being just one person, I would have been better off focusing on a single building and trying to make that look good. Instead I will unfortunately end up with several mediocre-looking buildings. I really have myself to blame as I did not build my meshes in Maya the way that would’ve been best for the pipeline and was forced to go back and redo most of them. This ended up costing me alot of time.

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