Status update for last week of January

This week I’ve just about concluded my research. Creating collision for my meshes was one of the last obstacles as the tutorials for it on UDK’s homepage were rather outdated. Fortunately it’s been taken care of with the help of others in the class.

I began modelling the main building this week and it’s proceeding along nicely. I calculate that the Maya part of it (more than 90% of the model) will be completed no later than monday next week. At this rate I will have more time to create more and finer details for the models. I ended up doing some UV-mapping as well, mainly to make it easier for myself later as many parts of the buildings will be duplicates, such as the brick rows between windows.

The model functions properly in my quick tests in UDK, so so far it looks like I won’t have to change anything because of technical difficulties.
All in all the week have gone nicely, I’m on schedule and haven’t had any unforeseen or major problems. Looking forward to completing this row of modeling.

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