A ruined Cathedral, haunted by evil spirits and shadows from the past. Dare you enter?

This is a collaboration project consisting of two members.

Oskar Svensson – (os_svensson[at]hotmail{dot}com

Goal: Creating a Character from scratch, and fully implementing it into a Level made with the Unreal Development Kit. The Character is going to use Animations from a Skeletal Rig, Simulated Cloth elements, and Particle Systems. Everything will be showcased with an in game cinematic sequence put together in the UDK Matinee Editor.

The Character will not use any AI or interact with the player in anyway.

Milad Ghanbari

Goal: Creating an in game Interior Environment, Using Static Meshes, Dynamic Cloth Elements, Particle systems, and atmospheric Lighting and post Effects.

The level can be freely explored but it will not contain any specific game play elements or scripted events triggered by the player.

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