Final Tweaking, Lighting, and optimizing.

During this last week, our level went 55% to 85%. about 25% in like 30 hours, right ┬ábefore the 3rd Milestone. I must say this must have been the most intense project I ever experienced, and I’ve endured many hectic projects during these 3 years here at LTU!

Luckily, my character was more or less complete, so I have been able to help Milad allot, since I already been working with materials, particles, cloth, Matinee sequences, and Kismet functions I have been able to help Milad getting these things to work without the hassle I had in the beginning. This meant less of our precious time have been wasted on getting stuff to actually work!

I have also made new walk animations and a turn animation for my character, and spent quite allot of time polishing the animation sequence.

And since the bone controllers I created for the eyes of my character went so smoothly I also made bone controllers to his feet, making them stick to the ground more naturally. (this wasn’t that very important since he never walks on uneven ground, but It did fix a few clipping problems I had before)

I have also optimized all of our particle systems by reducing the amount of instructions on the materials (in many cases, by 90%) And worked a bit on the lighting of our Environment. Dynamic lights have proven to be rather troublesome in cases were many of them are present close to the player at the same time. UDK only renders a fixed number of them at the same time, and when one was replaced by another one, it instantly changed the lighting on the scene. So far, the only solution seem to be to scale down/remove the lights to prevent to many of them being affecting the player at the same time.

I also recorded a video, (heavily compressed)


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