Getting Stuff to work.

I have spent most of my time during the last few days touching up things and making sure everything works. I have managed to set up my character with animation, cloth, and attached particles and dynamics lights to add more effect. I have also textured and animated another skeletal mesh, a book that the lich will be able to interact with in the cinematic loop.

I ran into some troubles regarding the attachments when I was putting the stuff together in the cathedral map. It simply Didn’t want to work, even though it works perfectly in any other map, very strange.

Luckily, setting up the attachment through Kismet worked, I just had to adjust the particle systems a bit to emit using world space instead of local space since the Kismet attach function lacked the ability to use local orientation on attachments.

I have also updated the “About” Page to clarify the goals of this project.

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