Time to Texture

I have started blocking out the base colors on the textures and put together a basic material in UDK using my normal maps and diffuse maps.

I’m not very happy about the normal maps inside UDK; so much detail is gone and I don’t seem to be able to increase the texture sizes above 1024. I’m sure I will figure that out soon but I understand the main problem isn’t really the texture size but my UV mapping. I’m sure I could have optimized it better, and I probably should have put more time into optimizing the mesh; removing faces that aren’t really visible and so on. But going back and fiddle with the meshes at this stage would mess up the skinning (my theory is that by adding and removing geometry on the mesh, the vertex IDs are changed, not sure if that is the case though).

I have also spent some time working more thoroughly on the cloth simulations on my character. I noticed that the cloth didn’t correctly collide with the collision boxes I made for my character but managed to solve it by making sure all elements of my character were using the same collision channels. I also noticed that cloth simulations gets all tangled up if the character would instantly move or change animation due to a cinematic sequence that is starting over for example. My goal in the end is to have a cinematic that will seamlessly loop and in that case this should not be a problem, but it is still something that might cause problems for me in the future. So I’m going to try finding a way to freeze such cloth simulations when i need to move simulated cloth instantly.

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