UDK, setting up a level.

Well this week has not been so productive as I had hoped. That is due to the level building system in UDK. I have spent most of the week making sure the level runs with all the meshes and that each mesh is loaded independently from a new file-structure i created. Previously, the entire cathedral was exported as a solid combined mesh into UDK for testing purposes. I only used a primitive as a collision-box so that i could post-process and light the scene just to get the feel. But now each mesh is in a separate file followed with it’s texture maps in appropriate folders with corresponding collision-mesh. This allows UDK to instance models that are placed several times in the same scene. What that means is UDK will only load the mesh once instead of loading each and everyone of the clones. I’m still lacking in time to paint detailed textures. But The level is set up and i will update a video here once i get “Fraps” to work. Next week is lighting and post-processing. I firmly doubt that it will take me one week doing only that, so I’ll use the time left to polish my shaders until milestone 3. Like stated above, I had to research how to move and snap objects in UDK again since it was rather tedious work. I did not expect it to take so much time after watching the video tutorials given on the subject from UDKs support website. In any case, the modeling, the UV mapping and some normal maps and textures are done. The file-structure is clean and neat and the level has been set up. Some collision-boxes are still messy but I’ll fix that in the weekend.

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