Weekly Update 25/02/2011

Been busy working on the weapon model for the character and I’ve finished retopologizing the character and started baking the normal maps and occlusion. I’ll update this post with pictures once the rifle is fully done.

I realize I’m short on time for the environment but I’ll sort it out during the weekend so that I can spend most of the remainder of the time texturing.

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Weekly Update 11/02/2011

Been a busy week, finished the sculpt for the most part, although I’ll probably go back and fix the shoulder straps since they blend in a bit too much with the coat. Although even if I don’t, I’m certain the textures will take care of it in the end.

The sculpt is missing one foot and one hand since I basicly forgot to import both when I started sculpting, but I’ll just mirror the retopologized mesh when it’s completed for those parts.

I’ve also started learning how to retopologize and I’ve finished the hand and gone through the pipeline of getting it into unity with the high-poly mesh used as a normal map on it.

Here’s the low-poly version with the projected normal map rendered in unity with a very basic shader and no specular or diffuse texture map.

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Weekly Update 04/02/2011

Had a bit of a slow week, but I’ve started on the sculpting and here’s a few of the finished pieces of the character. Once I’m done with all the sculpting I’ll start retopologizing it.

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Weekly Update 28/01/2011

This week I’ve researched the workflow of getting objects into Unity, apply shaders and somewhat gotten used to Unity. I have also started on a base mesh that I’ll start sculpting on and later retopologize. Below is a sample of the base mesh (so far) imported into Unity and shown in Maya.

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Weekly Update – 21/1/2011

This week I’ve finished my project plan, gathered some reference material and started on the concept for my character.

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