Problems and Blendshaping.

In the past days ive encountered many small problems that have become huge problems.
The first big problem i faced  was that my displacementmap did not work, it was kind of locked, and i couldnt re-assign it or do the process all over again.
I found out that i cannot scale the model/mesh otherwise the displacement dont work properly or in my case dont work at all, so i took an older mesh and it worked fine!

The second big problem was my blendshapes, my mouth blending went bananas and the mesh jumped out of the skeleton and to the origin of its blendshape-pose, i tried everything but found out that changing the order of the inputs would solve the problem, and it did, after a while….

I´m close to the finnish, and currently i´m tweaking my animation, jiggle and blendshapes other than that the researching about renderpasses have begun.

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