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The end is near, and i had a great day of compositing today, i realized that i must practise that more.
For now i´m currently tweaking in Premiere pro, during the night i rendered 2 passes, Z-depht and the character itself so i could use light wrap in Nuke, said and done, but i had no knowledge about z-pass rendering nor compose that.. so i did a little research and began from there.

I forgot that Nuke needs a prefix or code to render targa, so it took a while for me to clue that out.

Anyway, the scene looks like this for now.

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Subsurface Scattering

Update on the monster, subsurface and animation tweaking, currently i´m test rendering the whole shot.

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Problems and Blendshaping.

In the past days ive encountered many small problems that have become huge problems.
The first big problem i faced  was that my displacementmap did not work, it was kind of locked, and i couldnt re-assign it or do the process all over again.
I found out that i cannot scale the model/mesh otherwise the displacement dont work properly or in my case dont work at all, so i took an older mesh and it worked fine!

The second big problem was my blendshapes, my mouth blending went bananas and the mesh jumped out of the skeleton and to the origin of its blendshape-pose, i tried everything but found out that changing the order of the inputs would solve the problem, and it did, after a while….

I´m close to the finnish, and currently i´m tweaking my animation, jiggle and blendshapes other than that the researching about renderpasses have begun.

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Huge update!

The mudbox sculpting has been a blast!
but i had some problems with the displacement and normalmaps for my monster in Maya.
The soft spots/ bulging areas became edgy and too crisp so i did a little research to find out many ways to fix the problem, i choosed to paint and modify the nomal and displacement maps in photoshop, with great success i kept on going with texturing, ambient occlusion and spec maps on the monster.

My rig is done and for the moment i am skinweighting the monster.

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New improved design!

I wasnt happy with the design so i re-designed the monster, and i´ve started fresh with the sculpting process.
The city is done and the rig for the monster is done, so i´m pretty happy.
The sculpting should take 1 day to complete, maybe 2 so there will be no rest this weekend.

The black dots are where the horns are gonna be applied.

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This week i´ve been busy with monster retopo, and research about edgeflow for animation.
I found very much information about edgeflow basemesh topology on different 3D forums such as CGsociety, creative and many more sites/forums.
The program i use for my retopo is Draster NEX, i´m getting very fond of it, it´s easy to use and i´m pretty happy with the overall result of my edgeflow/ new mesh.
So i have started to do some base-sculpting in mudbox to test the mesh if it has holes, or if the mesh are behaving strangely in Maya.

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Rendered shot progress!

The state of my scene.

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Character week + progress

This week i´m going  to work on my retopolization of the monster basemesh, i´m not pleased with how the edgeflow turned out.
I have also started to sculpt horns in mudbox.

The workflow is going pretty smooth and i´m not behind the timeplan.

I´ve started to think about the skin/ flesh/  design and details of my “main attraction” so i have put together some moodboards.

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Rendered shot of the city

Rendered shot with only textures and lighting,
no normalmaps, ambient color and such on.

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