This week I’ve been working with Nebula 3 to create a  simple  game that uses my entity state synchronization system. It consists of two main states, a menu state and a battle state. The menu state is used to host a game and allow a client to join the game. When the host starts the game it creates player entities which in turn are automatically created on the client.

When the battle state begins, the host and client are each assigned one entity that they can control. As they move around, that entities position is automatically sent to the other player.

I’ve also added the ability for the entities to shoot projectiles. The plan is that when a player entity is hit by a projectile it’s health attribute is lowered and if it’s reduced to zero it’s considered ‘dead’ and cannot be controlled. The last entity standing wins the game.

My current problem is that  I haven’t been able to get the projectiles to collide with anything when using physics. If i can’t get it to work somehow I’ll have to use a considerably less elegant solution.

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