Final Movie!

Troll vfx final

Troll vfx Breakdown

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3 Responses to Final Movie!

  1. Olle Rydberg says:


    Cool seeing it comped.

    – I would really tone down those particles floating around. They look a bit weird and distracting. They are quite large in size and blurred even though the rest of the footage is quite sharp.

    – I would also do a shadowpass where the troll is actually casting direct shadows on the ground (not just occlusion). Look at the direction of that tree shadow and try and replicate the look of that

    – The eyes look really white compared to the area around his eyes. I would make a matte of just the eye area and play with the eyes in comp. Maybe add a little shadowing were the eyes meet the flesh and then fade that into the middle of the eye. So it’s not just the same leve of white everywhere.

    – Also the troll is still not very detailed and the hands look a bit like cylinders. So I would spend half a day tweaking the zbrush sculpt and kick of new renders with the new displacement. Then I would spend 1.5 days working on your comp and add some shadows and other awesome stuff 🙂

    Looking pretty cool. Keep it up!


  2. Hi,

    Looking pretty good!

    If you have some time over here are some final tweaks to do in comp.

    I agree with what olle said and if you do that shadow pass, keep in mind that you don’t get more shadow where it already is a shadow. So the cast shadow should only affect areas of the forest that is in sunlight. You could probably do a lumakey of the ground and use that as a mask for the shadow. The occlusion would make the shadow darker but not much darker than the darkest point in the filmed footage. Check the shadows in the forest and match to that. Maybe a bit darker because the occlusion blocks all the light, but black in film is almost never completely black.

    I think you need to put a bit more fog in front of him. It doesn’t look like he is inside the fog enough.

    After that you should check your black levels. Make sure that the darkest point in the cg is matching the darkest point in the filmed footage. Use the slider in the viewer in nuke to gamma up the image. That way you will see the blacks easier. Check the colors with the color picker.

    You probably need more blue and magenta in the shadow areas on his body. His darks look a bit to green. Again look at the shadow areas in the forest.

    I also think that the parts of him that is in sunlight could be a bit brighter. Look at the brightness of the sunlight on the tree on his right side. Match it to that.

    I hope you have time to fix these thing because it will be worth it.

    I like what you have done. Nice sunlight on his body with the trees making shadows.
    Send me an e-mail if you have any questions.
    Good luck!

    • Anders T says:

      Thanks guys!
      Working on my presentation now, don’t have much time to tweak things.
      But tweak things in comp I will do when i got time 😀 . It feels like you can work with the comp indefinitely. Theres always something to tweak. Then the movie looks different on a monitor, tv or projector.
      I can definitely see the parts you point out and want to fix things later on.
      Ive learnd alot 😉

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