Rendering passes

The passes I will use are :

Direct irradiance. Rendered with blinn material and directional light.
Inderect light. Rendered with blinn, fake hdri and final gather.
Subsurface scattering.
Diffuse material color.
Ambient occlusion
Specular. Rendered with blinn.
Reflection. Rendered with blinn.
Z depth pass. To fake distance fog

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2 Responses to Rendering passes

  1. Olle Rydberg says:

    Sounds like plan coming together! πŸ™‚

    I’d say from what i can see now the eyes, hands and inside of mouth needs some more work. Will you get time to do some more tweaking to the sculpt and design or is it quite locked down?

    For materials I find that you get nice results if you combine the mia_materialX with the SSS material. This way you get the nice reflective qualities of the miaX material but also the good sss effects.
    If you google this or look at forums there should be info on how to do this.

    But if you’ve already got nice results with the blinn material there’s no point of redoing a lot of stuff.

    I would focus on getting all your renderpasses in comp quickly. Get a look you’re happpy with. Then I would go back to the sculpt and model and add details to the hands and really push the design to make it look believeable. Add corrective blendshapes to the rig to fix things in the design you are not happy about.

    Here’s what I think of the design (this is just what I think, not what’s wrong or right)

    – I like the look of the stomach area, feels more natural and detailed than the rest
    – Detail at the top/back head looks good (the little green lumpy stuff by the ear)
    – Mushrooms at the back seems to be working. Seems like you’ve spend a lot of time texturing them though (considering we only see the front of him in the shot?)
    – I think the arms and hands are lacking in detail. Fingers look like tubes
    – Head looks a bit like its just glued on to the body
    – Ears need more sence of function and structure. That hole in the middle of the ear looks a bit weird (since the ear itself is based on human anatomy)
    – I like how the feet look a bit stylised. But maybe they are not fitting the style of the rest of the body.
    – Eyes could do with more detailing. Get a sens of an eyelid in there that’s wrapping around the eye. Polish the crowsfeet and make them look like they are connecting with the eyelid. Eyes are really important for a character and working hard on those could help selling everything better.
    Here’s an interesting thread I found about how to set up your eyes:
    Alot of industry proffesional on that forum.
    – Also the shading and texturing of eyes and mouth isn’t as good as the rest. But I think you know that πŸ™‚

    I would set everything up so you can render the whole sequence over night and then comp it in the morning to see where you are (or even if it’s just a couple of frames). Set everything up now and gradually add new things in your comp and tweak your renders in maya together with your comp. This way you won’t get any suprises in comp at the end of your project.
    And while you’re waiting on renders… try and push that design as far as you can and work on your sculpt. Just a day or two spend on the design would make a world of difference.

    Sorry Im just rambling here. It’s late.

    Hope you put your effort in the right places these last few weeks. Think like charlie sheen “I win here and I win there” πŸ™‚

    I like you’re project, keep it up!


    • Anders T says:

      Thx Olle!
      Good with some critics.
      I have worked on the comp now and have almost everything set up.
      We don’t have a few weeks left, tomorrow mars 14 is ms3 and pretty much everything should be done.
      After that we have one week to do some simple tweaking. πŸ˜€
      But I really want to add these things that you mention to make it awesome!


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