This is the model with textures and Maya’s fast skin material.
The teeth and pants have no textures yet, and the other parts have some more tweaking left.
I have divided the UV’s into five pieces ( Head, Body, Mushrooms, Teeth, Eyes).  I use displacement & normalmaps for the head and body.

If I will have the time , ear-rings & nails will be added.

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2 Responses to Texturing/shading

  1. Olle Rydberg says:

    Starting to look promising!

    If I were you I would just make a really simple idle animation and focus on developing the look and comp of the troll. The animation you have now looks a bit hard to pull of.


    • Anders T says:

      Yepp the plan was to make a simple animation! I thought that a simple walk would add more action to it, but as always the time to make it great, I did not have. : P

      Will focus on the comp now!

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