Final Movie!

Troll vfx final

Troll vfx Breakdown

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Nuke Comp

This is my node network.

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Rendering passes

The passes I will use are :

Direct irradiance. Rendered with blinn material and directional light.
Inderect light. Rendered with blinn, fake hdri and final gather.
Subsurface scattering.
Diffuse material color.
Ambient occlusion
Specular. Rendered with blinn.
Reflection. Rendered with blinn.
Z depth pass. To fake distance fog

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Lighting and rendering

I have been struggling to get the shadows from trees etc to match on my character. To start with I used directional light and tried to build tree branches to get there right shadow.  This was very hard to have good control on.
On my second attempt I used one spotlight on far distance to get the feel of sunshine. On the color I mapped a tree alpha picture. Did some tweaking on this, and ended with shadow looking good. Not exactly right but hopefully looks good in the end.

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This is the model with textures and Maya’s fast skin material.
The teeth and pants have no textures yet, and the other parts have some more tweaking left.
I have divided the UV’s into five pieces ( Head, Body, Mushrooms, Teeth, Eyes).  I use displacement & normalmaps for the head and body.

If I will have the time , ear-rings & nails will be added.

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Animation progress

I have done the basic animation. My rigging and skinning could need some more work but will do the job for this basic movement.
I want the figure to be little dumb and bumping around in the woods and in the end he will hear some cracks.

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Displacement seams

During displacement tests I got some weard seams.

I googled some and found a mel script  ”   addAttr -ln “miExportCCMesh” -at bool mentalraySubdivApprox1;   ”  .
It didnt work with mentalraySubdiv.
I tried with Displacement tesselation in the approximation editor and it worked!

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Small mushrooms

I’ve have modelled some mushrooms. They will be placed mostly on the back of the troll.
Working on textures combined with sculpting right now. I want the look of old skin that’s have ingrowth nature.
Human skin, Rock & moss textures are being tested right now. Will post some progress of that soon.

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Sculpting progress

Mudbox working fine! Really fun to sculpting. I’m using some reference of muscles and old skin.
This is high poly mesh from mudbox. I finish the UV map today and will test the sculpt later with displacement and maybe bumb/ normal to help me with the fine details.

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Distance fog/Zdepth pass with nuke

To get more depth in the shot I will make distance fog. I have rendered out a Z depth pass, an 32 bit exr file. I got the most control with this pass.
There where some problems setting up the z pass. I needed to build some sort of fake forest! I used only planes to get the depth.

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