Weekly Progress

The UV-mapping has been taking a bit longer than expected. Although Iv’e come up with a fairly good strategy using both the Cas auto UV mapper along with mayas own “unfold selected UV’s” and the “smooth UV tool” in the UV texture editor. The workflow have been like this: Firstly I just make a planar mapping on the object to just make sure that all the edges on the object stick together, thereafter I cut the object where I want the final edges to go and then just hit the button “ABF++” which is a type of unwrapping tool in Cas (be sure that you’ve selected the object i object mode, when using “ABF++”). Then I use maya’s unfold tool and/or the smooth UV tool for the final touch. There is also an Align U and Align V button in Cas were you can align the shell in either U or V by selecting an edge and hit one of the buttons (you can also easily rotate the shell by quickly clicking the buttons “Align U” “Align V” “Align U” and so on…). (If there is a complex shape I used to cut it up in simple pieces at first, and then be using the UV texture editor to see where the most appropriate seams should be, by simply selecting them and sew them together and then repeating the unfolding process). Remember that if you get some weird UV unfolding results, you can just select portions of the shell and then hit “unfold selected UV’s” this will actually work in the most cases. Unless, if you have forgot to cut all the edges properly. In such case, use the Cas’s “Detect UV Seam Edges” as it will highlight all the edges for you, and it will allow you to see where the missing edge might be.

By combining the objects that will be in the same texture map and clicking on the “Quick fix ratio and Layout UVs”. You will have them aligned, and also in the correct size compared to each other -ready for a UV snap shot! The only drawback the plugin has is that it for some annoying reason puts the undo’s to limit 7, every time it’s uploaded.

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