Weekly Progress

This week I have started with the lighting, and done a lot of research on the subject. This is how the light is going to be set up:

I have chosen not to use GI, as my scene already is heavy as it is. I feel it will be faster, and much more educational if I put out all the lights myself. This approach will also give me much more control of the lighting. As when GI is used, small changes in the lighting will actually influence the whole surroundings.

I’ve also found some ways to optimize the scene, its about flushing the memory.
The basic ways to turn on flushable resources include:
Placeholders – Reuse memory for source geometry
Approximation – Reuse memory with fine approximation
Texture cache – Resuse memory with tiled texture maps
BSP acceleration – Reuse memory with large BSP

More about memory leaks concerning mental ray can be read here:

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