In the past few days I’ve finished the Previz and I’ve also started to model the vehicle. There will be a lot of focus shifting as the cameras are slowly moving around, much like Alex Roman’s “The third and the seventh”. I also picture the time standing still. In the fourth shot the camera is focused on welding sparks, that is still in the air.

Here is the Previz:
The camera angles in the previz will help me know where to spend time on the details. I’m also wondering if it’s possibly better to make different scenes out of every shot. So all the details except the ones that are shown for each camera shot are deleted, as that will probably reduce the render times significantly.

I want the vehicle to feel like it’s a cross over between a train and a truck. I also want it to have some snow vehicle characteristics, as I picture the environment outside to be cold and snowy. Therefore I changed the design a bit by having some sort of snow blower in front, as I felt that is more believable for this kind of big vehicle in a snowy landscape. I’m also adding a rail on top of the tank, to easier visualize the human perspective. Although, I want the vehicle to feel solid with bits and parts, and self going without any human interaction.


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