My name is Linnea Forslund and I study computer graphics at LuleƄ University of Technology. Our department is also known as Gscept. This blog is for my specialization project, Hep Cats, which is focused towards animation for live visuals.

In my specialization project I wanted to combine those things where I had expertise and that would make my project special. I also wanted to take this knowledge I have and do something I haven’t done before with it. With a background in VJing, traditional 2D animation and with a love for swing dancing and jazz music, I combined it all into this project. I will make jazzy animation loops for VJing to swing music and I will display it all at a dance night.

Some snazzy links:

morrsken.se – my VJ & Animation page

vjunion.se – gathering of Swedish VJs

skelleftejazz.se – SkellefteĆ„ Jazz Club

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