Setting up the VDMX project

While setting up my VDMX project, for VJing, I looked for some answers to questions I had at the VDMX forum and stumbled upon a complete rebuild of the software. I always update when I’m prompted to update, but haven’t checked in at the forums so much lately and there was no prompt (because the public beta is still the old version). I had completely missed that a month ago Vidvox released VDMX5 B8. It seems to be very, very nice. Developers are my heroes. Thank you Ray Cutler and David Lublin!

Since I’m making a quite different setup than usual I thought I might be a little daring and jump right over to B8 even though it’s very close to our grande finale. I looked through the tutorial videos and it seems that although things are different, most of the changes are made to make things easier and more user friendly. Also syphon, which I wrote about earlier, is very integrated in this new version of VDMX. I am so excited!

Here is my, not finished but totally workable, project in Version b0.7.5.8:

And here is a budding project in Version b0.

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