Milestone 3

All of my character animations:

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  2. Olle Rydberg says:


    Cool to see all the characters together!

    I would focus the remaining time to get some reference of yourself doing all of these moves (shot by shot) and really act it out. Then I would go in and compare the reference with what you have and adjust the timing. Try to get the camera angle the same as well.

    In the clapping shots for example you can just count how many frames it takes for the hands to travel and finally meet in the middle. And then count how many frames they are touching each other and the same when releasing.

    Even though we are dealing with stylised cats here they seems to be very much based on human movements. So getting some really good reference and study it would help a great deal I think!

    Good luck!


    • linnea says:

      A bit late reply, but thanks a lot for your feedback!

      I guess I took on a little bit too much animation to make it all super nice. I haven’t posted lately, but I made some improvements on the animations, for instance the claps (now with in-betweens, yay!), but there is a lot that I’m still not happy with. I might have to give up on the Suzy Q (the sideways movement with a lot of foot action) because it is simply not possible to make the same movement with those large feet and short legs. When I use the same timing as my reference clip the movement becomes erratic, too slow and way too fast and also there is so much more change in weight. I should have chosen another dance move, what was I thinking? 😛

      Anyway, I will use my kitties, so I’m gonna keep working on them. Next week when I get back to Stockholm I will have a lot of great dancers around me and I could ask some if I could film them in 160 BPM from all angles. The dancers in my reference clips might be great, but the tempos are somewhat different so I need to count all the time and of course there is only one angle. Still I’m very happy to have used Skye and Frida’s swing-outs as reference. They are adorable!

      See you at the Grad Show!

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