Week 7: Even more animation

With some nice feedback from an old school mate I redid my animation plannings. I have a text document in which I write every key position for all the animations. Starting out I only did this for the trickier animations, but now I got it for all of them. It makes it so much easier to keep track of everything. I needed to move the beginnings of a couple of the loops and the planning document made it so much easier to know which frames to move to.

Soon I’ll be going for the in-betweening. Yay!

Here are some new block-outs:

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2 Responses to Week 7: Even more animation

  1. When people claps there hands, the hands etend to stick to gether in a couple of frames when they have hit. Then ease out to open up. And then accelerate back to impact again.
    Just a tip that could makes your claps look a bit more “clappier” he he.
    Use it if you like and good luck for future.

  2. linnea says:

    True that. I will ease out of the claps when inbetweening, and I will try putting an inbetween before, favouring the impact. See if it looks good. It’s in my reference claps anyway 🙂

    Thanks a lot for commenting!

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