Week 6: More animation

This week I’ve been tackling the couple dancing. Fun, but quite a challenge. I realized in the process that it would have been a good idea to give the model more human-like proportions. The short legs, big feet and hands as well as long upper body are giving me a bit of trouble, but still it’s definitely doable.

The most complex of all the animations I will be doing is the swing-out and that’s what I’ve been working with mostly this week.

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  1. Hi there.
    Though I’m not a cat fan I do like animation and dancing,
    so heres a couple of tips for yout journey.

    Most important in dancing:

    Balance: It feels like you have good balance in your animation. But I bring it up any way. If you cand position your self in a pose with out feeling uncomfortable you should be fine. It feels unatural if they stands in positions where they seem to fall or if it feels like it hursts. But all that looks fine.

    Position: It very important to solve all the key positions first.
    Where are they heading and where do they put their feets. Before doing any details like, follow throughs or over laps and in betweens, you have to put them in possitions that you know is going to work trhough the hwole sequence.

    Weight, as they are a couple that dance it important to combine the weights.
    They are holding hads so there fore the share weight and balance and must there fore work together. Think of energi. Where do the movment com from and what is it transfered to.

    The male cat (I presume) is the leader and I guess he shows the female dancer where they are heading. And he does this with does three important stpeps. So keep them in mind and plane your animations well.
    And this goes for realistic animation aswell as for cartoons and illustration work too.

    Heres a blocked dance animation I currently working on, Hope it gives you some ideas. http://vimeo.com/19943173

    Other then that, keep up the good work.

  2. linnea says:

    Thanks Fredrik! I try to keep these things in mind, but I know I have some way still to go getting enough energy between the dancers. I’ll keep on working (and jumpin!)

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