Week 2: Research & modelling

This week I have been testing out different rigging solutions and it looks like I’ll be using abAutoRig and then do just some basic face rigging. To help save time to concentrate on animation, besides using autorigging, I also use a free existing model by Mike Rhone as a starting point for my cat model. This is what it looks like so far. Some work on the head still to be done.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with a group of set designers and prop makers who are interested in helping out to lend a bit of their magic to the showcasing swing evening. The planning for the swing evening has unfortunately had some setback, but I have b-plans and c-plans, so it will work out somehow.

Yesterday afternoon, as a part of my VJ research, I took a plane down south to attend a show & tell that Micke Wehner aka The Midi Thief, a VJ colleague, arranged for members of the Swedish VJ Union. He showed us some of the technology that he had been playing with lately; a small DVI-mixer and the Kinect-camera, as well as talk about some interesting new software. Most interesting was Syphon, an OS X technology to share frames between different applications. As an example we used Syphon to get the depth mask from the Kinect hack into Modul8 and use it to mask out video. This opens up a lot of possibilities. I spend today looking into Syphon, the possibilities in live 3D and plan my setup. Below is a picture from the show & tell, with the DVI mixer in the foreground, half a Micke to the right and two Carl-Johans to the left.

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