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During the weekend I added a couple of things like the goggles, armband and a packet of cigarettes. I also tweaked the belt and the waist area to look more natural. I’ve gotten rid of the belt bags as they didn’t make much sense to me.
The sculpting went fairly easy with no major problems and I’m feeling that I am getting more comfortable with Zbrush and all it’s different aspects as I haven’t really delved into it too much before. It’s a good learning process.

Anyway, I’ll consider her finished for now since time is running out. Additional tweaks and changes will have to be made in the polishing phase. I’ll be retopologizing her this week as well as starting to model the small environment scene I’ll be showcasing the girl and vehicle in.

Weekly Update #2

Okay ! During the course of this week I’ve been very busy modelling my female character and coming up with a design I like. I’m supposed to be done sculpting her clothes today but I’m not going to make that deadline. Instead, what I’ll have to do is that I will spend my weekend working on her and finalizing the clothes and have it done by Monday by which time I’ll start retopologizing the meshes and start modelling the environment.

Here are some of the things I plan to fix / change this weekend along with sculpting all the wrinkles and details on the clothes.