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Archive for March, 2011

Final Delivery

Here’s the final version;

Weekly Update #5

I’ve continued to texture and bake out maps for the environment this week. I also experimented a great deal with shaders in UDK, especially with cube map reflections for the metal pieces in the scene. I created many different shaders for my scene props to imitate quite a few materials like rubber, wood, metal and plastic etc.

Something else I’ve done during this week is to tweak lights and add new ones, setting up kismet with triggers and actions like disabling the HUD, player movement and input actions once the level is loaded as well as working in matinee to get an animated camera and fading between camera clips. The tutorials can be found here;

Tweaking different post processing effects like LUT textures for color grading, PostProcessChains and PostProcessVolumes for depth of field, tonemapping and UDK’s ambient occlusion are some of the other things I have been working on.

I just want to give a shout-out to the guys over at Epic ( and all the great supportive community members ) for the great documentation regarding the UDK and all the work they’ve put into it. It’s been a very rewarding experience to work with this game engine as I’ve learnt a lot during these past weeks and days. There’s still more to come though, so check back soon again.

Weekly Update #4

I have been working on the environment during these last 7 days. Overall it’s been a fairly good progress where I blocked the environment out in several iterations until I made a version I was happy with.

Once at that stage I started to replace the blocked out models with the optimized meshes I modelled and UV-mapped. There are still some models left to do and I still have to sculpt some meshes and bake out the normal & ambient occlusion maps, not to mention texturing everything to get a unified look and feel. Here are some screenshots from the UDK where I have assigned some temporary materials.

Other than that, I’ve researched stuff about UDK post effects, material setups, lightmass settings, vertex painting and some general basic functions like scaling textures in the engine etc.
Some references to post as well;