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Final Delivery

Here’s the final version;

Weekly Update #5

I’ve continued to texture and bake out maps for the environment this week. I also experimented a great deal with shaders in UDK, especially with cube map reflections for the metal pieces in the scene. I created many different shaders for my scene props to imitate quite a few materials like rubber, wood, metal and plastic etc.

Something else I’ve done during this week is to tweak lights and add new ones, setting up kismet with triggers and actions like disabling the HUD, player movement and input actions once the level is loaded as well as working in matinee to get an animated camera and fading between camera clips. The tutorials can be found here;

Tweaking different post processing effects like LUT textures for color grading, PostProcessChains and PostProcessVolumes for depth of field, tonemapping and UDK’s ambient occlusion are some of the other things I have been working on.

I just want to give a shout-out to the guys over at Epic ( and all the great supportive community members ) for the great documentation regarding the UDK and all the work they’ve put into it. It’s been a very rewarding experience to work with this game engine as I’ve learnt a lot during these past weeks and days. There’s still more to come though, so check back soon again.

Weekly Update #4

I have been working on the environment during these last 7 days. Overall it’s been a fairly good progress where I blocked the environment out in several iterations until I made a version I was happy with.

Once at that stage I started to replace the blocked out models with the optimized meshes I modelled and UV-mapped. There are still some models left to do and I still have to sculpt some meshes and bake out the normal & ambient occlusion maps, not to mention texturing everything to get a unified look and feel. Here are some screenshots from the UDK where I have assigned some temporary materials.

Other than that, I’ve researched stuff about UDK post effects, material setups, lightmass settings, vertex painting and some general basic functions like scaling textures in the engine etc.
Some references to post as well;

Weekly Update #3

Okay, so during this past week I’ve finished modelling the quad bike and I’ve also finished uv-mapping the character and the bike has everything but the rims mapped. I searched around the internet and found a great UV plugin for maya called Cas Auto UV Mapper, which has helped me work faster considerably. It was kinda easy to learn and get into. Basically, what it does is to compile a lot of Maya’s own functions into an easily accessible panel as well as adding a few new features.

I also baked out normal and ambient occlusion maps for my character which I then tweaked in photoshop and sharpened the edges / fixed weird areas in the maps.

Character Retopo

Having never actually retopologized before, I’m quite satisfied to say that I’m finally done with the character. It was taking longer than expected as I had to learn a new program and the workflow that comes with it. I learnt a lot about body & face topology and limb deformations when reading various forums discussing these topics.

Needless to say, there’s room for improvement. The character is sitting at about 17k tris right now and there is a lot of optimization that can be done but due to lack of time this will have to be skipped. The quads are too evenly spaced and some cover quite a few flat spaces that would’ve been fine with a lot less tris. That’s something I’ll keep in mind the next time I retopoligize.

Test – Retopologize, Ambient and Normal

Here’s a not so finished retopologized chest mesh I made yesterday. I decided to test baking normal maps and ambient occlusion using xNormal and see if any errors would occur.

I had some weird UV seam distortion when I exported the mesh and the maps to UDK, but after an hour or two troubleshooting I found out that you’d have to rotate the UV’s with seams in maya to match the tangents to get rid of the UV seams of the normal map. There’s probably some easier solution I’m not aware of. The problem’s solved for now though, so I’m happy to continue on with my retopologization.

1. Basic mesh with no textures
2. Ambient Occlusion
3. AO and Normal map

“Finished” mesh in UDK


During the weekend I added a couple of things like the goggles, armband and a packet of cigarettes. I also tweaked the belt and the waist area to look more natural. I’ve gotten rid of the belt bags as they didn’t make much sense to me.
The sculpting went fairly easy with no major problems and I’m feeling that I am getting more comfortable with Zbrush and all it’s different aspects as I haven’t really delved into it too much before. It’s a good learning process.

Anyway, I’ll consider her finished for now since time is running out. Additional tweaks and changes will have to be made in the polishing phase. I’ll be retopologizing her this week as well as starting to model the small environment scene I’ll be showcasing the girl and vehicle in.

Weekly Update #2

Okay ! During the course of this week I’ve been very busy modelling my female character and coming up with a design I like. I’m supposed to be done sculpting her clothes today but I’m not going to make that deadline. Instead, what I’ll have to do is that I will spend my weekend working on her and finalizing the clothes and have it done by Monday by which time I’ll start retopologizing the meshes and start modelling the environment.

Here are some of the things I plan to fix / change this weekend along with sculpting all the wrinkles and details on the clothes.

Weekly Update #1

So during the course of this week I’ve been researching more about static meshes, vehicles and shaders in the UDK. I’ve also continued working on the base mesh for the quad bike and I’ve gathered some more references for the character. I’ll be done with the character design this weekend. My research document will also be updated with additional notes and links I’ve gathered through research and classmates.

These are some of the references I’ll be looking at when designing the character.

Here’s the WIP quadbike.

Research compilation

I’ve compiled a list of stuff I’ve been looking into and I also wrote down some of the things I have discovered worth taking note of. I’ll be sharing this with the rest of my class, especially for those who are working with the UDK just like me, to make life just a tad easier.

At the moment I have everything in a .doc file. I’m considering making a wiki but I’m not sure how long that’s gonna take and I don’t think I have the time right now. Feel free to add anything to the topic and I’ll update the research document.

Download it here: Research_maured-8.doc