First Comp

Cutting it close to deadline now. Still have alot of work to do, but hopefully I will have time to do all I set out to do. Remaining work includes more comp, veins and bruises, maybe some background or put in depth by using fog.

This is just a first comp test, I have not adjusted specularity, colours or final color-scheme yet, as well as the mask I will use to blend in the mesh to the footage.

The renders were imported to Nuke and I used copy nodes for all the diffuse passes to transfer the alpha from the matte passes, so that the merged image stays on top of the original footage without removing it.

I merged the new nodesystem with the mergenode from the original footage and the eye-replace node tree.

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  1. Hi!

    Nice work so far!
    I’m a bit late on commenting but I thought I’d give you some tips for your comp.
    Looking at your script I noticed that you are using a premult node on your renders.
    Are you rendering unpremultiplied or premultiplied images from maya? If you are rendering premultipled images make sure you are not premulting it again in nuke. If you are rendering unpremultiplied then you should have a premult node in nuke.
    Another thing you can have in mind is to do all you color corrections on unpremultiplied images. So put a unpremult node before you color correction and then a premult node after.

    Also remember to check you black levels. Use the slider in the viewer in nuke to gamma up your comp and make sure the blackest point of your cg match the blacks of the filmed footage.

    Make sure to match the grain as well. I guess you filmed with a video camera so it will be video noise. If you have some footage filmed against complete black(lens cover still on) you could loop that noise and use it on you cg. If there isn’t much noise on your footage then you can just put some grain on top of everything to get some film look to it.

    If you have any questions or want critique, send me an e-mail and I’ll answer as quick as possible. It’s always good to get a second opinion.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you Martin! Actually your post came just in time for me to reflect upon and change things according to your suggestions! Really great with some feedback! I rendered unpremultiplied pictures from maya. At first I thought of using EXR, but with everything else I had to learn, that workflow dissapeared as the project went on, unfortunately! The input on the script is very useful as well, both for this project, and for the future, thank you!

      I filmed with a Digital camera, so I just put grain on top of the final comp, and mostly used blur to get the mesh blend in better with the original footage! However that tip is a good thing to know, a smart way to match grain!

      Thank you for your feedback, and hope everything is well at Framestore!

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