Zbrush Texturing

The texture as it looks right now, will go in and do some final touches and changes later (f.eg to the teeth), depending on how it looks when integrated with the footage.

A set of my cozy Lightbox-toolbar textures used to get the gory, torn flesh feel;

To use projection textures I turned off the Zadd and changed to RGB channel and Colorize in the Polypaint menu. Then I simply used the textures in the lightbox and painted them directly onto the subtools. In some areas, where I wanted darker or lighter effects, I painted by hand. I also used the “new from polypaint” under the Texture Map tab, to get the textures onto the right uv map.

The modeling process; I imported my low-res mesh into Zbrush and divided it into Subtools using the “Groups Split” option. Every Subtool has a division level of 5-7 for a good, smooth result. I found the alpha brushes essential during the sculpting, to make small details.
Furthermore I tried exporting a displacement map directly from Zbrush, but it seems to result in a bugged map, so I will try using Xnormal instead and see if that works better.

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  1. Yes indeed, very close to deadline! But I am working around the clock now, just hoping I will manage to put it all together nicely with only another week to go! Looking back I wish I had started to comp things together earlier, but I might have time for some render tweaks as well. Thank you guys!

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