Zbrush Modeling

Been working on the mouth mesh in Zbrush for a couple of days, and I feel I am soon closing in to a final result. It took some time getting used to the interface and controls, since I have only worked in Mudbox before, which is rather different. Any feedback on the modeling would be highly appreciated, since this is the first detailed organic sculpt I am working on outside of Maya.

The next step is to add gory flesh/meat texture on this, which I think I will do directly in Zbrush. This will save me time I will need later in the project, since I am planning to do some z-depht effects, and re-lighting etc. in Nuke.

Other effects, such as the wounds, I am planning to do directly in Nuke, since I still have found the research about mesh projection in Nuke instructive, and would at least like to give it a go.

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  1. Looking great.
    Will be all nice and scarry with textures on it.

    I think projection could help you with some of the features in your face. Though I think you can come along way with what you already got so far and just nuke it in.
    Different kind of mask fill come in handy I guess.

    In case you didn’t know about this YT channel:

    And here’s a link to a cool prjection thing:
    En joy and keep the good work up

    1. GREAT links, they are very useful, thank you!
      I agree with the projection suggestion, maybe I will use that for wounds and blood, like in the link you sent me, it looked really good! I only hope I can manage to do all that node-work in Nuke!
      Currently I am also trying to use projection to create effects onto the eyes, just to start up with something easier, to get the hang of it!

      There is however one thing I havent quite figured out yet, If I want to I use the mouth mesh from Zbrush and the final texture to do a projection in Nuke, Do I just match the mesh with the footage in Nuke, and project the uv texture/displacement upon it? Is that an easier way to “blend it” into the footage than using maya for that? Hmm, all this research is getting me confused..

      I would be most thankful for your input on this!:)

  2. The best use of projection in this case is for merging the cg with your the original photage.
    But when I com to think of it. You could also put a surface sahder in maya. that you oaint black an white color on. And use that one as a alpha mask.

    But still for wounds I guess projection vill be best. And I’m not a pro user of projections but I guess ju just need to track the fotage and put it on a card. Then do your changes to the card and put it back again. The do a pretty cool rail removment that way. Cant find it now though, but I’ll try to find it when I get home.
    Good luck

  3. To use a surface shader and painted alpha was a good idea, I didn’t think of that!
    Thank you as well for the input on projection, absolutely seems to be the logic way to do it! Good thing I have just warmed up with a simpler Nuke 3d system, always hard when you don’t really know the workflow of course.
    Ok, interesting, I will try to look for the rail removement video! Otherwise that page is really informative anyway, I saw many useful tutorials I can look up! Thanks!

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