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Archive for February, 2011

Zbrush Modeling

Been working on the mouth mesh in Zbrush for a couple of days, and I feel I am soon closing in to a final result. It took some time getting used to the interface and controls, since I have only worked in Mudbox before, which is rather different. Any feedback on the modeling would be highly appreciated, since this is the first detailed organic sculpt I am working on outside of Maya.

The next step is to add gory flesh/meat texture on this, which I think I will do directly in Zbrush. This will save me time I will need later in the project, since I am planning to do some z-depht effects, and re-lighting etc. in Nuke.

Other effects, such as the wounds, I am planning to do directly in Nuke, since I still have found the research about mesh projection in Nuke instructive, and would at least like to give it a go.

The Clean Plate Process

The clean plate process in NukeX;

I imported the footage into Nuke X, and tracked each dot separately. Some dots dissapears from view when the head is turned. This was solved by tracking these frames by hand. Important to remember in order to get a stable solve, is to always have the same amount of trackers, preferably spread out pararell at the same hight.

When the track was done, I disconnected the tracker from the footage. Using Roto – clone tool, I used areas around each dot to hide it.

To make each clone follow the tracker, I draged the tracknode transform curve onto the clone’s transform curve. To offsetting them correctly I used expressions.

Some rotos were also given frame range since some of them dissapear from view.

This proved a rather time consuming process, but I am satisfyed with the result.

Ms2 Delivery

PPT Presentation & Previz for Milestone 2.

Clean plate & Base Mesh

This week I have been busy with creating a clean plate and sculpting the base mesh for the mouth and teeth. I thought I would use two separate meshes, one for the mouth, and one of the entire face for the rest of the effects, such as veins, and wounds.

I used nukeX for the clean plate. I tracked the dots separately in post and attached a rotopaint to each track using expressions. I am sure there is a smarter way to do clean plates, but since I have never tried before, this was the solution I felt most comfortable with at the moment.
A tutorial on this will be up later.

Next I have to fix the UVs, and export the mesh to Mudbox to sculpt some detail, like torn flesh and cracks. Feedback is welcome.

Obj. track test

I did a quick base-mesh of the face and matched it to the footage in maya. I put a transparent checker material on the mesh and rendered out a test to see whether the tracking has worked, the mesh stays where it should, and that nothing suspicious happens. I tried different programs for tracking, to see which would work better. For this clip, I think Match Mover worked fine.

However, I found a neat feature in PFTrack, Geometry based tacking, which I thought was worth testing! It allows for 3d geometry to be imported and matched to the footage, only using the vertices from the geometry to perform the track! no use to pin down trackers. Neat.