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Archive for March, 2011

Final Delivery

i’ve had some issues with the scene not cleaning up correctly in unity, so fps drops significantly with the load level function. But i do not have time to work on that now,  just worth mentioning for the sake of old computers that will probably die from this.. But anyways, now the project has come to an end, and you can find the material at MS4


I will soon add the new executable to my ms folder. I have added additional animation and a gun effect, that instansiate a physics object. when the physics object hit another object, a particle effect instance is added and rotated based on the contact normal. I am also working right now on the level itself, working on  optimization and adding new props. That is why i do not yet have a good new executable

But my older exe in the Ms3 delivery can be found at MS3


I am currently working with animation and some issues that has appeared.

I have made a couple of  animation loops, so i can later display the crossfading between them. But i do not yet know how many i will make.

It seems like the physics for the gun is not cooperating at the moment because of physics/animation synching, so i have abandoned that plan for now cause of the time. I am currently animating it with a HI IK Chain Solver with IK FK at the ends, so i at least have some kind of control over it.. hopefully.

A few days of work has been lost due to remaking of some meshes and textures. So visually i have not come that far since my last post.

Shading and Implementation

Here is some progress with the implementation and shading. The Character have fully functional skeletal animation at this stage, and i poked around a bit with shading.

What you see above in the shading system is my attempt to make a Ambient Cubemap lit material. I used a simple cubemap which i blurred like diffuse convolution, multiplied with albedo and plugged it into emissive. And added all other important inputs like specmap and normalmap etc. Both pictures have the same shader, but one has default ambient.