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This Week.

I have established a good “pipeline” for unique static meshes, where i can texture the highpoly with vertexcolors and correct/enhance it after baking to lowpoly texturemap.

So now when i know the way i will go, then other objects similar to this one will be created pretty fast. Quick test, stoneWall  – tangent normal + texture, 350 tris.

Here you also see the character with some textures. Still working on those.  Got a few things left to do on him, but it should be finished soon. hopefully.

I have decided to create the Rig to the character in Max. The process is almost the same as in Maya, but it’s less painful when it comes to this project  – No nodes messing things up, and a little different hierarchy,skinning and joint system. The rig got all the basic constraints and controllers now, but a few things are missing.

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