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Archive for February, 2011

The Rig

I have worked on a rig, and some physics in the engine to cooperate with it. If the Physics in the engine refuses to work i will have to animate it. Have made a quick skinning on the character just to try the rig out with the mesh, but i will have to work the weekend to finish it. I will post more progress as it gets somewhat finished.

I have observed 2 things that can go wrong. The rigidbody do not always want to synch with the animated transform, and the implementation of the character can mess it up. But hopefully i will be able to combine these 2 elements. And if not, then many hours have gone to waste, and as i said earlier i would have to animate it instead.

This Week.

I have established a good “pipeline” for unique static meshes, where i can texture the highpoly with vertexcolors and correct/enhance it after baking to lowpoly texturemap.

So now when i know the way i will go, then other objects similar to this one will be created pretty fast. Quick test, stoneWall  – tangent normal + texture, 350 tris.

Here you also see the character with some textures. Still working on those.  Got a few things left to do on him, but it should be finished soon. hopefully.

I have decided to create the Rig to the character in Max. The process is almost the same as in Maya, but it’s less painful when it comes to this project  – No nodes messing things up, and a little different hierarchy,skinning and joint system. The rig got all the basic constraints and controllers now, but a few things are missing.

weekly update

I have focused alot on getting the sculpt good, but i feel unsatisfied with the current result. Some of the anatomy is a bit off, and has to be corrected, and alot more things need detailing and definition… Some details are missing, like jacket buttons, and the thing that holds the belt in place on the pants. But i need to fix the major issues with the model before i bake all the maps to the lowres retopo.

The current retopo has a few problems with the edgeflow , but i have to limit the polycount, and i think im on the right track. I just have to fix those issues.

Sculpting Progress and Animation test.

I have managed to get animation in to Unity engine, and animating it with a proper rig. animation had to be baked/simulated to the skeleton in order for it to work properly. The IK controls can apparently be exported but i do not yet know if they could serve any useful functions for me, or if they just are empty transforms.

here is a in-engine fraps captured video of the animation test i did, wich involves a Skinned mesh deformation,  Transform –  translate/rotate/scale.

Here is the sculpting in progress. It is still early so i will probably change some features and proportions during this process but i hope to get finished soon.