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Archive for January, 2011

Weekly Update

This week i have been researching/testing Unity engine, and begun working on a basemesh.  Tried to outfit him according to my concept.

here is a screenshot of the basemesh that I have been worknig on, and a test sculpt that i put in the game engine. the test sculpture material has a baked AO as texture, and a 512×512 normalmap.

Unity Stresstest

Stress test was about:

1200 drawcalls, 9,3 million static triangles simoltaneously on the screen, 1920* something pixel resolution. 4 cascade pixel shadows from point lights, and at least 4 more lights. all dynamic lighting.

With DOF, z-depth color correction, Bloom,  postprocess anti-aliasing(Normal Filter Antialiasing because Unity deferred rendering lacks AA).

framerate around 20-30 on a pretty avarage machine.

If this had been done in Forward rendering the drawcalls would probably tripple or something. might test that out aswell if i want the 16x anti-aliasing.

I will probably not get close to this amount of lights and trianlges, so i think im safe.


I am not finished with the conceptual stage because i want to get the most out of my character.  I do not know what is possible/impossible yet with unity engine, So i will just post the progress of my conceptual art.

The one marked with red is the general direction i am heading.


Here i will post the updates on my current project.

this week i have worked on my project plan, timeplan and concepting the character that i will  create.