Apache2 and php5

At first we implemented a web server using node.JS exclusively. Recently however, we have put the responsibility of serving the page and all contents on an Apache2 server instead, leaving node.JS with only the real-time network handling. The reasons for this were multiple. To start with, Apache2 comes with many neat web server features (e. g. php and media streaming) all set and ready to go, neatly presented in an easy-to-get-going package. To re-implement them all in node.JS just for the sake of it would be time-consuming and unnecessary in our case. Also, apache is the most widely used web server solution in the world, so we figured it would be advantageous to gain some basic knowledge about it. We find it easy to see why it is so popular: it took like five seconds to have a page up and running.

We feel that this hybrid model has the potential to really harness the individual strengths of two different systems, and it also encapsulates the functionalities in a really easy-to-work-with way.

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