Floose: Flying Moose on the Loose!

We are proud to present Venison Engine’s first game (click here to play!) (only tested in Chrome on Windows 7 and Ubuntu):


You now know the truth. The crazy scientist bent on world domination who planned on spreading terror across the earth through brain wash and genetic manipulation of cute and harmless animals – who seemed so nice – was really evil all along. So now you and your fellow flying moose must compete in order to eventually be able to stop this madness in an ending cut-scene or a sequel maybe.

Instructions: Avoid the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Click the canvas to make your floose fly up, release to make it fall.
Tip: Small movements are easier to control than large ones.

Floose utilizes real-time multiplayer capabilities implemented with socket.io powered by node.JS on the server side. Any other players connecting to the server will show up in your browser window, and will be updated in real time. Try this by opening multiple tabs in your browser and navigate to the page.

Please note that this implementation of Floose is merely a simple tech demo to show what possibilities might exist in the final release of the Venison Engine.  As such it is not intended to be a full-fledged, robust and enjoyable game. As a result, we haven’t had all that much time to put on the design and polishing of the game . For example, the other players moose do not look particularly good. Also, there is no way to win or lose, and the level is very boring since the obstacles are constantly reappearing in exactly the same pattern. Furthermore, we have not spent any time on designing any cheat-prohibiting mechanisms – take a look at the code (by showing the source of the page) and you will see that the full responsibility of every player lies with the client; the server more or less only acts as a forwarder of messages between the clients.

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