Physics Editor

Shown in the picture above is a sub-editor to the main one, and it is used for editing the physics shapes of entities. To edit shapes for multiple entities their textures have to be the same and only the shapes that they have in common will be shown.

The main drawing area shows a scaled version of the texture of the selected entities and their physics shapes. To add new shapes to the entity, first select a draw mode in the upper right (currently box and circle) and then draw the shape on the canvas. If you instead choose the ‘select’ option from the radio buttons, you can click on entities to select them. ┬áThe currently selected shape is drawn in red color and shape specific information is shown on the right side of the screen. In this area it is possible to fine tune the values of the shape, set its collision categories and also remove the shape from all selected entities. There is also a button for clearing all the shapes that the selected entities have in common and, of course, a button to exit the editor.

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