Venison Editor

For the past week we have been hard at work creating an editor for our game engine. As can be seen on the picture, the main view has a few different areas defined. In the top left corner of the screen is an image view where users can place images that they want to use while working in the editor. By dragging a picture from this area and dropping it onto the big area in the middle, a game entity is created and inserted into the level.

The middle area is a canvas element that displays the current state of the level and you can move focused entities around by dragging them (or use the arrow keys). To make an entity focused, you simply click on it. This will also display information about its properties in the lower left corner that users are free to edit as they see fit. It’s also possible to add new properties to entities in this area by selecting a property in the drop-down menu and then clicking the “add” button. Focus is not limited to a single entity, by holding the Ctrl key multiple entities can be selected at the same time. The properties displayed in the lower left will then be the ones that all entities have in common. In the top right corner of the screen is a small mini-map. While working in the editor, only the graphics are updated as we don’t want objects to start bouncing around or whatnot while trying to position them correctly. =P

When all is said and done and you would like to test your newly created level, click the “save level” button (or use the Ctrl+s command) to generate an XML file representing the level that you can then load up and play.

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