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Project Chaos

Project Chaos is a 8 week project divided into 4 major milestones. The finished product will be a system able to handle several thousand individual artificially intelligent agents acting in a realistic way that will support real-time user interaction. We’ll be developing a sophisticated AI system that will utilize both GPGPU programming through OpenCL, and data-oriented design. Parallel to the AI we’ll be developing a rendering engine able to handle large amounts of geometry, an animation system that is also GPGPU-accelerated, and an interactive game engine. We’ll be using the COLLADA standard as base for our content management.

The Development Team

Johan Forsell

Project role: AI developer

I’m a 21 year old 3rd grade game development student.
I’ve always had an interest for games and about 5 years ago I had my first programming encounter.
Since then, game programming has been my main hobby, which later led to my choice of education.
To this day I’ve experimented and worked on several game projects on different platforms, both as part of a team and single man projects in my free time.

On this project I work as an AI developer. There’s always a next step to take to better up the users experience of an agents behavior and that is what thrills me, knowing that I can make things better. My main focus is aimed at low level movements, navigation solutions and group behaviors.

Joel Lindqvist

Project role: Game engine developer

I like seeing everything tied together. Every little part doing its thing to further the big process. The idea of developing a framework to surround a project like this drew me from the start. I have much to learn, and I’m certain to make several mistakes, but that’s part of what makes it fun. The integration of Bullet also falls to me, and I’m looking forward to that as well, as it is another thing to tie in with the rest.

Simon Stensmar

Project role: Rendering engineer

Games have been my passion ever since I played my first game on the Atari we had at home, not only to play them, but the interest to make and develop them aswell started early. My whole education have been directed towards having more understanding about game programming as it was the obvious choice for my future career, which leads me to where I am today.

I am responsible for the rendering system, and I am becuase it is an interesting topic and it’s always fun to find new solutions to probelms you didn’t know of, further developing my programming skills. I joined the project because I’m a team player, its much easier to solve puzzles when you have friends to give you help/advice now and then. And its also as rewarding to help others in need of ones expertise.

Gustav Sterbrant

Project role: Animation engineer

When it comes to programming, my passion lies with the visual. I like the fact that simple text can result in complex mathematical equations leading to something visible on the screen. Because of this I wanted to learn everything about real-time rendering, and using modern technology to accomplish what was impossible when I grew up, and thus, I chose to develop the animation system.

Apart from the programming part I like to play games (big surprise). Also I hate being alone so I would like to think of myself as a very social person.

Johan Österberg

Project role: AI developer

I’ve always liked logical puzzles and problem solving, so when I first tried programming I was hooked. For me  AI development is where I feel most at home, to watch an artificial person grow as you add more behaviors is nothing but beautiful.

I am a very thorough person and because a stupid AI can pretty much ruin an otherwise great game, it’s vital that you are very thorough when developing an AI, especially in the debugging process.

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