Behavior week

This week has been a bit of a hassle, in the beginning of the week I implemented the behavior structure that I decided on last week. Then when I was done it wasn’t as good I thought it would be, so I changed the design. When the new design was done and implemented, it too wasn’t good enough. So I sat down again to really think it through and come up with a new design that would be what I wanted.

But that went very slow, so I decided to try and fix a memory leak connected to the OpenCL code instead. With a little help from Johan Forsell the leak was fixed yesterday around lunch. So after that I started with the behavior design again, with a slight morale boost after the leak fix the design work went by smooth.

The implementation on the other hand turned out to be a bit harder than what i had anticipated, but now it is place and a feel really good about this design so hopefully my colleagues will feel the same.

//Johan Österberg

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